Character Sheet


So; I recognised that I have a problem. I am a gamer, but before I’m a gamer, I’m a collector. I acquire things far faster than I can consume them because I’m a) easily distracted b) impulsive and like shiny things and c) enjoy the satisfying feeling of having a full set. Of anything, pretty much. Having catalogued all my games the other day into a beautiful, glossy database I worked out I have, at the time of writing this, 252 games to my name across 9 different gaming platforms (11 if you include games for consoles I don’t have that play on ones I do). I reckon I’ve played maybe 50 of them ever in my life. And so, in an attempt to make myself more disciplined and actually enjoy the fruits of my wallet’s labour, I decided to start playing them the only sensible way I could think of that didn’t leave me dithering in the paralysis of choice: alphabetically.

You heard me.

One console at a time, left to right, with occasional forays back and forth to accommodate newly acquired things. I’m not promising myself I’ll complete everything (or, indeed, anything) but I’ll give anything at least one session of play for as long as it holds my attention.

And then I thought maybe I could be more disciplined about writing, too, which is something I’m out of practice lazy about, and I wondered if I could use one to encourage the other by writing a nice geeky little blog about my (mostly) retro gaming adventures. Two birds, one stone – right? Well, we’ll see I guess.


Chaotic Good

Key Skills:



Idle friendly fire




Lurking in shadows

Optimising equipment





Stealth kills



World domination


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