So, currently I’ve got fourteen platforms on which to play things and they are as follows:

Sony Playstations 1, 2 & 3, Sega Mega Drive (Genesis, if you’re not EU) & Dreamcast, Nintendo Gameboy, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii and DS (which also plays GBA), X-Box & X-Box 360 and a gaming laptop which, for my sins, is running Windows 8.

This collection is probably going to expand in the next year to include an original XBox (for which I already have a load of games after I threw the old console at my ex in a fit of snobbery and told ‘em to Get It Out Of My House), a NES which someone has put aside for me and will give to me whenever I see them next, and possibly a Dreamcast since my current SO keeps making big eyes at me about getting one and one or possibly two actual Gameboy Advances so that I can trade Pokemon, not just play ’em.

I contemplated trying to list my games here, but the collection changes so much, I figured it was easier to just let you get the gist from my blog posts and this beautiful picture below of my nerd cave last Christmas. Things there are a lot of: JRPGs, RPGs, sneak & snipe, survival/horror, exploration and sprawling sandbox games. Things there are less of: platformers (though this is increasing), point-and-click, FPS and driving/piloting/racing games. Things there are none of: sports games.



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